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Win360 is a digital merchandising company that empowers dealerships to accelerate their businesses online by differentiating themselves from their competition. Our products were created to bridge the gap between the offline to online experience, helping our partners increase engagement and build solid relationships based on trust and transparency with their customers. 

Our team is filled with people who are passionate about the auto industry and committed to finding solutions to ease the industry’s move to digital.

Comprehensive Reporting

Learn what your customers are up to on your site with our included tools. You’ll have complete access to the dashboard at all times, as well as a dedicated dealer support team to review your performance monthly to make sure you’re getting the most out of the information. Our personalized analytics help you:

Optimize vehicle pricing and inventory turnaround time 

Measure total vs unique views to accurately calculate each listing’s traffic 

Consider which hotspots are the most popular so you can track what features appeal most to your customers 

Track your ROI by seeing the increase in leads, customer engagement and time customers spend on your site

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Using Win360 hotspots, you can personalize the interior and exterior of each vehicle with videos, photos and/or text to share special features, pin-point damage and highlight add-ons. Hotspots drive engagement and build trust with customers who can get a complete look at your vehicles from anywhere.

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P A R T N E R E D    &    I N T E G R A T E D    W I T H

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360-Degree Dealership

Empowering dealerships to accelerate their businesses online.

Drive Sales with 360

Integrates listings directly into your dealership’s site 

Creates interactive 3D views of the interior and exterior of your vehicles to bring your showroom to life online 

Allows for easy sharing to popular social platforms like Facebook Marketplace and YouTube

The demand for an online car-buying experience is rising with no end in sight. Now, more than ever, shopping for a vehicle begins digitally, with 61% of buyers’ shopping time being spent online. Customers expect an immersive experience at the touch of their fingertips, allowing them to make informed decisions quickly. Stand out from the competition and improve your online merchandising with smartphone technology that:

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